Lecithin Plants:

We specialize in providing high performance Lecithin Plants for extraction of Lecithin from sources such as Soyabeans, Sunflower & Rice Bran. Lecithin has a unique Lipid molecular structure that gives it many versatile uses. Its Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic character makes it an ideal food emulsifier. It is also used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry applications to form Liposomes, Tine Vesicles to Encapsulate useful substances. Lecithin is also a major component of Cattle Feed, Chicken Feed, Aqua Feed, Some Paints, Coatings, Lubricants, Textiles, Fertilizers, Waxes etc.
Lecithin Plant, mainly derived from the soybean, is a natural ingredient, filled with a range of stabilizers, emulsifiers and release agents. We manufacture plants for dehydration of wet gums obtained from soybean oil degumming plant. The process adopted is evaporation of moisture from gums and cooling the resultant product in order to produce dry lecithin. They have a number of uses in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry applications. Its hydrophobic/hydrophilic character makes it an ideal food emulsifier.

Rice Bran Lecithin Plant:

The rice bran oil contains phosphotides, protein, carbohydrates mucilages and resins as gummy substances which impart colour turbidity and odour to the oil. However, phosphotides are the major component of gum which increases refining losses, create foaming problem and generate more colour. The extracted rice bran oil was dewaxed than prepare to degumming. In the process of degumming, some degumming agents are used for recovery of oil and gums from the dewaxed rice bran oil.

Soya Lecithin Plant :

Our soya lecithin plants are specially designed to add value to soya processing by providing another useful and valuable by-product, and keep oil content in the meal low. The drying process in these lecithin plants for the feed is gentle without hotspot or burn on. The quality of each day’s production can be monitored and tested before pumping to storage. Our soya lecithin plants are easy to maintain and can be cleaned up in place by introducing a mild sodium hydroxide solution into the system, and rinsing with warm water.

Sunflower Lecithin Powder Plant:

sunflower lecithin can be seen as the best source of vegetable lecithin for the food market: it is the perfect choice to replace lecithin made from (genetically modified) soybeans as well as to prevent a possible allergic reaction to soy.Sunflower lecithin has additional advantages such as low odor and neutral taste, high phosphatidylcholine content, lower linolenic acid (= better stability) and high performance in its applications within the food, dietetic and pharmaceutical markets.Applications include the manufacturing of chocolate, margarine, bread and pastry, confectionery, biscuits as well as dietetic and pharmaceutical products.